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Modern Workplace

Airline Gadget Ban. No i...

Unless you have been residing under a large boulder over the last few weeks, you have probably seen or heard something about the great “Gadget Ban” of 2017. A security move initiated by the USA and UK that...
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Apps And Infrastructure

Cloud PBX replaces old sc...

If your organization is considering purchasing a new PBX system, or is planning to upgrade its existing PBX System, then consider the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud PBX system. Cloud PBX comes part of the Office 3...
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Modern Workplace

Modernizing IT for a Digi...

Today’s economy requires organizations to digitally transform every aspect of its business. This imposes a burden on IT systems which organizations must consider. A MODERN APPROACH TO IT SYSTEMS Most organiza...
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Modern Workplace

Ransomware on the rise

Last month I wrote about the importance of business continuity through data backup. The worst is not over yet. Here’s why: New threats are appearing on a daily basis, and attackers are continuously evolvi...
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Work the way you want

Modern devices running Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft 365 elevate your work, help keep your data and
devices safe, and simplify management so you can focus on achieving more
together, anywhere it matters.

Anywhere it matters

anywhere it matters enhanced collaboration windows 10 pro

Anywhere it

Enhanced collaboration tools
such as Outlook, SharePoint,
and OneDrive for Business let
you work together anywhere,

Achieve more together

achieve more together intergrated collaboration windows 10 pro

Achieve more

Windows 10 Pro and Office 365
(part of Microsoft 365) offer an
integrated collaboration
solution that makes it easier to
connect people and teams.

Simplified for business

simplified for business windows 10 pro modern workplace

for business

Windows AutoPilot
enables you to
quickly set up your
devices and save on
IT costs.

Always-on security

always on security automatic security windows 10 pro modern workplace

Always-on security

Automatic security
updates keep your
apps and devices up
to date and
protected against