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Symantec Cloud

Every business, regardless of their size, needs to ensure they are fully protected against threats, viruses and other malicious attacks.

Symantec EndPoint Protection provides industry-leading security as a service that protects your organisation across any device. Simple to set up, easy to manage and is always up-to-date, the cloud service secures your business – from server to laptops, tablets and mobile phones – in an affordable, pay-as-you-go model with no additional infrastructure investments.

Realize your full security potential with Symantec Services

Symantec Technical Services help you avoid downtime, breaches, data loss.

Why Cloud Security?

Security is essential, but cost is still a consideration. Cloud-delivered security services drive down the total cost of ownership of endpoint security.

Cloud security delivers protection across your organisation, without the upfront investment. Plus, you have the flexibility to scale your service in response to your business demands.

cloud security symantec endpoint modern workplace
cloud security up and running symantec endpoint modern workplace

Get Up and Running Quickly

Cloud security services eliminate the need for on-premises systems, lowering time to deployment and reducing complexity.

opex benefits symantec endpoint modern workplace

OPEX Benefits

Simply buy a subscription, and select the cloud storage size you need.

cloud security perimeter less infrastructure symantec endpoint

Securing Perimeter-Less Infrastructure

More reliable than old-fashioned tape systems,combined with ease-of-use.

cloud security always available symantec endpoint modern workplace

Always Available

Cloud security services provide automated failover for improved availability.

Key Features

Key Features

Organisations today are facing an increasingly complex IT environment, and they can struggle to keep up with rapidly evolving threats. This is further complicated by a proliferation of devices and user demands, while trying to maximise often limited resources.

Symantec EndPoint Protection combines endpoint protection, management, mobility, and encryption into a single, cloud-based solution. It is quick to deploy, easy to manage, and secures users and all devices in just minutes.

Plus, small and medium-sized business can experience the peace of mind knowing they are secured with the same best-in-class security used to protect Fortune 500 companies.

cloud security symantec endpoint modern workplace
Advanced Protection Made Easy

Advanced Protection Made Easy

Protect users on any device, anywhere with one step policy configuration.

Stay Ahead Of The Game

Stay Ahead Of The Game

Stay ahead of threats with always-on security that is automatically updated.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Block unknown threats with advanced machine learning and proven intelligent protection techniques.

Real-Time Protection

Real-Time Protection

Protect against ransomware and zero day attacks in real time with Symantec's global intelligence across 200 million control points.

Smarter Management

Smarter Management

A single console provides a one-stop shop for reporting, alerts, configuration and management.

Multiple Layers Of Protection

Multiple Layers Of Protection

One solution protects Windows, Mac, Linux, virtual machines and embedded systems.



There are many cost and operational benefits to deploying Symantec Endpoint Protection, which is tailored to organisations where resources are limited but, as with any organisation, still require the highest levels of protection.

Delivered via the cloud, Symantec Endpoint Protection's affordable pay-as-you-go model requires no additional infrastructure investments for a low total cost of ownership. At the same time, it combines endpoint protection, management, mobility, and encryption into a single solution for ease-of-use.

cloud security symantec endpoint modern workplace
benefits ready to protect in 5 minutes symantec endpoint

Ready To Protect In 5 Minutes

Symantec Endpoint Protection is quick to deploy, easy to manage, and secures all users' devices in just minutes.

benefits simplicity symantec endpoint

One Platform = Simplicity

Streamline on-boarding and securing remote employees and contractors via a centralised, ubiquitous platform.

benefits eliminate complexity symantec endpoint modern workplace

Eliminate Complexity

Decrease operational complexity by removing the need for on-premises infrastructure, and eliminating the need for IT specialisation and dedicated resources.

benefits maximise your budget symantec endpoint modern workplace

Maximise Your Budget

Lower the cost of operations with a simply monthly subscription service that can scale as your business develops.

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microsoft azure apps and infrastructure symantec endpoint

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides you with an integrated collection of cloud services, designed to make your business more productive and cost effective.