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mimecast email security modern workplace

Mimecast: Email Security

Email is still the most widely-used method of communication within organisations of any size. Email archives can house a wealth of information, data, history and business insight, and should be easy for users to access, and simple to manage.

Mimecast email archive solutions make it easy and cost-effective to archive emails in the cloud, enabling businesses to search for email, easily retrieve it for compliance purposes and business use, and manage retention policies.

Mimecast goes further to provide customers with value, so thei.r email archive is not only a storage solution, but a source of business intelligence.

Get your Mimecast Email Security today!

Mimecast Key Features

Mimecast provides a highly secure, resilient and bottomless email archive, with encryption for all stored data. It offers rapid search capabilities with a quick seven-second search SLA to put information at employees’ fingertips, and comprehensive compliance, e-discovery and litigation support.

Plus, users don’t require any additional on-premises hardware with the cloud solution, with a pricing structure based on the number of employees, rather than the volume of email or mailboxes.

Available for Hosted Exchange and Office 365, this blended-cloud solution offers peace of mind with next-generation email protection.

meetings mimecast modern workplace

Meetings and calls with anyone

Meet with up to 250 people—even if they're not on Skype for Business. All they need is a phone or internet connection.

creative mimecast email signature modern workplace

Get Creative

Create stunning reports that communicate your message effectively with more than 20 built-in visuals.

security control mimecast modern workplace

Security and control

Publish reports securely to your organisation and setup automated real-time data refresh so everyone has the latest information no matter when it is accessed.

popular applications mimecast modern workplace

Link To Popular Applications

View simple out-of-the-box dashboards for CRM services like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Microsoft's Dynamics 365.

easy integration mimecast modern workplace

Easier Integration

Power BI has an open, standards-based REST API which allows for application or service integration.


Get your Mimecast Email Security today!


Mimecast provides businesses with a secure, scalable cloud-based message archive, securely hosted in Mimecasts UK datacentres. It’s designed to reduce the complexity of your email infrastructure, lower costs and ensure complete adherence to data protection laws.

Cobweb UK Email Archiving, powered by Mimecast, offers powerful archival features for fast retrieval of email as well as anti-spam and anti-virus protection from the latest threats and protection from damage or loss.

reduce cost mimecast modern workplace

Reduce costs

No on-premise software and hardware reduces admin overheads and removes pressure on overcrowded server rooms.

any device mimecast modern workplace

Access from any device

Users can access their mail from any device, increasing workforce productivity.

improve user experience modern workplace

Improve user experience

Eliminate complaints about mailbox size restrictions with cloud-based email archiving.

enhance performace mimecast modern workplace

Enhance performance

Improve performance by removing the need to keep large volumes of email on servers.

stay compliant mimecast modern workplace

Stay compliant

Stay compliant with data regulations and internal policies as the service is delivered from Cobweb’s UK-based datacentres.

reduce email complexity mimecast modern workplace

Reduce email complexity

The integration with Microsoft Outlook gives users an unlimited mailbox, archived emails are all stored in a personal archive.

easy management mimecast modern workplace

Easy management

Single web-based administration portal, secure login with optional Active Directory authentication.

benefits export e discovery mimecast mimecast modern workplace

Simple export from e-discovery

Messages are retrieved within seconds, you can quickly and efficiently export search results from e-discovery

Get your Mimecast Email Security today!