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Unlock Truly Productive Collaboration

Simple cloud backup: it's an essential component of any organisation's IT strategy.
Acronis Backup Cloud is an easy-to-use, cloud backup storage solution that enables companies to backup files, folders, applications or an entire system, safely and securely — with the choice of a hybrid on-premise/cloud scenario or backing up to Cobweb's secure UK hosted cloud.

Personal data protection that’s reliable, easy and secure. Relax, we've got your backup.

Why Cloud-Based Backup?

Adoption of cloud services have hit an all-time high in the UK with growth set to continue, as business recognise the flexibility and agility that cloud-based IT can bring to their organisations.

Cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery services are one of the key growth areas. Solutions like Acronis Backup Cloud offers the flexibility of delivery, scalability operational cost savings that customers are demanding.

With old-fashioned tape=based systems failing to meet modern businesses' standards for backup and recovery, many organisations are turning to cloud backup, as their data becomes much easier to manage, search and retrieve — as well as offering built-in security and the cost advantages.

eliminate tape acronis modern workplace

Eliminates Tape

More reliable than old-fashioned tape systems, combined with ease-of-use.

easy implement acronis modern workplace

Easy To Implement

Simply buy a subscription, and select the cloud storage size you need.

Key Features

Key Features

Acronis Backup Cloud offers safe, secure and scalable offsite backup for any data or any system — anytime, anywhere.

Organisations can restore files, configurations, applications or systems to any hardware and enjoy consistent protection of all running applications with VSS support (including Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory).

key-feature simplicity acronis modern workplace

One-step Simplicity

Create an exact replica of any system and user data in one step. Restore that replica to a new drive in the event of critical failure.

key feature transfer only necessary acronis modern workplace

Only Transfer What's Necessary

Only backup what's changed or new since the last backup – reducing backup times, network and storage requirements.

key feature secure acronis modern workplace

Stay Secure

Secure data access storage and transfer with industry-standard AES-256 encryption.

key feature customisable acronis modern workplace

Customisable For You

SharePoint can be used for developing web-based business applications like websites, intranets or partner portals. SharePoint is highly configurable giving organisations the ability to customise it to suit requirements.



Acronis Backup Cloud is a cloud-based service that gives organisations the choice to back up data how it suits them. This means organisations can perform both local and secure offsite backups in the same easy step, hassle-free.

And because it is a subscription service, customers can scale as to their business requirements, and only pay for what they need.

protect infrastructure acronis modern workplace

Protect Your IT Infrastructure

From physical to virtual and Windows to Linux-based systems, protect your whole IT infrastructure.

benefits easy to run acronis modern workplace

Easier To Run

Say goodbye to costly tapes and cumbersome rotation schemes that are involved in classic backup systems.

benefits simple to manage acronis modern workplace

Simple To Manage

Automatic deployment and easy-to-use management console means it's easy to set and forget.

benefits reduce storage cost acronis modern workplace

Reduce Storage Costs

De-duplication ensures you don't save the same file twice.



Cobweb offers a host of complementary services for Acronis Backup Cloud, including Enterprise Mobility + Security for better user and device management, and Symantec Endpoint Protection for industry-leading security.

microsoft azure apps and infrastructure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides you with an integrated collection of cloud services, designed to make your business more productive and cost effective.