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Modern Workplace

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Unless you have been residing under a large boulder over the last few weeks, you have probably seen or heard something about the great “Gadget Ban” of 2017. A security move initiated by the USA and UK that...
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If your organization is considering purchasing a new PBX system, or is planning to upgrade its existing PBX System, then consider the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud PBX system. Cloud PBX comes part of the Office 3...
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Modern Workplace

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Today’s economy requires organizations to digitally transform every aspect of its business. This imposes a burden on IT systems which organizations must consider. A MODERN APPROACH TO IT SYSTEMS Most organiza...
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Modern Workplace

Ransomware on the rise

Last month I wrote about the importance of business continuity through data backup. The worst is not over yet. Here’s why: New threats are appearing on a daily basis, and attackers are continuously evolvi...
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Unlock Truly Productive Collaboration

SharePoint is designed to help increase productivity, a platform through which teams can store and share information, documents, and projects.

Combined with Office 365, SharePoint offers enhanced security, is easy to manage and can be accessed from any device.

More than 200,000 organizations and 190 million people have SharePoint for intranets, team sites and content management.

SharePoint Key Features

Resources located across the business, hard-to-find data, different versions of documents – these all lead to confusion.

SharePoint enables related documents and data to be stored in one place. Highly configurable, it integrates with other business-critical Microsoft applications to enable seamless collaboration across the organisation, ensuring everyone is always up-to-date with the latest news and content.

Intranet and extranets connect teams and automate business processes and with SharePoint, the platform can also host web-based business applications, such as the company website or partner portal.

seamless collaboration microsoft sharepoint business applications

Seamless Collaboration

SharePoint team site is your content hub. Users from both inside and outside the organisation can create and share content in real time, using the familiar Microsoft Office tools you use every day.

key feature access from anywhere microsoft sharepoint

Access From Anywhere

Users can sign in to SharePoint from any desktop or mobile device for constant access to information on project status, client histories, the locations and schedules of co-workers, and anything else related to a project.

key feature business intelligence at your fingertips microsoft sharepoints

Business Intelligence At Your Fingertips

SharePoint helps businesses make better decisions based on business intelligence – it can help users discover patterns and display trends over time or relationships between different inputs through easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

key feature customisable for you microsoft sharepoint

Customisable For You

SharePoint can be used for developing web-based business applications like websites, intranets or partner portals. SharePoint is highly configurable giving organisations the ability to customise it to suit requirements.



SharePoint makes document and data management simple, and a host of intelligent features can unlock huge benefits for your organisation.

benefit content management made easy microsoft sharepoint

Content Management Made Easy

SharePoint makes creating websites or intranets simple with features including, cross site publishing, embedded video, metadata navigation and search engine optimisation (SEO).

benefits get social microsoft sharepoint

Get Social

Content is easier to find, and teams, documents, sites and activities easier to connect through social tagging, activity streams and easily shared data.

benefit access to office apps microsoft sharepoint

Access To Office Apps

Anytime access to Office applications, drag and drop functionality from the desktop and improved notification enables online and offline editing of content, and an aggregated view of the entire desktop.

benefit advanced search microsoft sharepoint

Advanced Search

Manage user permissions and get comprehensive security reports with advanced search and analytics functions.