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Introducing Cobweb Complete for SMBs

We focus on helping you unlock the full value of your IT investment so you can stay focused on your business.

manage your entire it environment with cobweb complete

Cobweb Complete for Peace of Mind

With Cobweb Complete our team manages and monitors your entire IT environment, bringing together the best-of-breed solutions to safeguard business data and assets across all devices, and playing a key role in the digital transformation of your organisation.

Purpose built for small to medium businesses, Cobweb Complete incorporates the products your business needs in one place. These services are managed by the expert Cobweb team, making it simple for your company to consume IT and stay ahead of the game when it comes to innovation and digitisation.

How Cobweb CompleteSMB Works

Cobweb CompleteSMB provides a suite of programs, tools and services that are designed to improve productivity, leaving you with more time to devote to your business and customers - whether that's making it easier to manage files, simplifying communication and collaboration among employees. or managing meetings on the move.

Office 365 combines staples such as Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, with the next generation of productivity-based services - Skype for Business, for example - that bolster collaboration and communication across the organisation.

Cobweb CompleteSMB has been developed to help you ensure that employees take full advantage of Office 365, to enhance personal productivity, team collaboration and angagement, and further enable mobility and flexible working.

collaboration with cobweb completesmb


Using the latest tools, such as Skype for Business, Yammer, Delve, Teams and Sway, your business can take collaboration to the next level and eliminate the need for old-fashioned conferencing systems and cost-heavy travel.

health check cobweb completesmb

Health Check

A pre-development health check to assess readiness for migration. Ensure there are no nasty surprises and every employee's IT is up-to-date ahead of the deployment, guaranteeing a smooth migration with minimal interruption.

data backup cobweb completesmb

Data Backup

Keep your data safe and secure with schedule back ups to the cloud from all computers and avoid losing important information to malicious attacks which could put your organisation at risk.

updates with cobweb completesmb


Cobweb deploys and manages Office 365 for you, including handling automatic updates and new features, and provides you with a regular monthly updates delivering insights into upcoming new features, services and tips.

security with cobweb completesmb


Provides an additonal layer of protection to organisations against damaging and costly cyber-attacks. industry-leading anti-virus and anti-spam technologies, including Mimecast, stop unwanted messages and protect mailboxes from targeted attacks.

support with cobweb completesmb


Receive on-going support, training on application use, as well as fine-tuning services as and when required to ensure the service works for business as you want it to.

Why Choose a Managed Service?

Why Choose a Managed Service?

Running a business is a full-time job, and as a business owner you often don't have the time or the knowledge to manage in-house IT resources. if you are a small business, chances are your IT resources are stretched to capacity and as a result, it is often difficult to devote the necessary time and effort to deploying and managing new cloud services.

With Cobweb CompleteSMB, our expert team manages and monitors your entire IT enviornment, offering detailed insights and optimisation capabilities, as well as enhanced security and backup - delivered with training, guidance and comprehensive support.

This is particularly useful for small companies or start-ups; instead of time spent managing software installations, updating old versions of software and overseeing upgrades, employees are free to focus on core business activities such as delighting customers and generating new revenue.

collaboration service with cobweb completesmb


Cloud-based tools make it easier for teams to collaborate, communicate and access a wealth of information previously siloed in different applications across the organisation.

relieve pressure cobweb completesmb

Relieve Pressure on the IT Department

Instead of time spent managing software installations, updating old versions of software and overseeing upgrades, employee are free to focus on core business activities.

scalability cobweb completesmb


You can scale your managed services as your business grows, selecting the package that is best for you. Organisations can mix and match plans across the company.

pricing cobweb completesmb


With simple monthly subscription pricing, organisations can avoid large upfront costs for new software and servers, and move the cost of IT from a capital to an operating expense.



Cobweb CompleteSMB supports all phases of your cloud service adoption and usage. You can scale your managed service as your business grows, and select the package that's best for you.

Cobweb CompleteSMB has been developed to help you ensure that employees take full advantage of Office 365, to enhance personal productivity, team collaboration and engagement, and further enable mobility and flexible working.

benefits-maximise it efficiency cobweb completesmb

Maximise IT Efficiency

By allowing us to manage and maintain your IT needs, your in-house IT team can concentrate on improving and growing your business.

no upfront it investment cobweb completesmb

No Upfront IT Investment

There's no upfront investment in IT, and you know exactly what you're spending - just choose a plan that suits you and scale as your business demands.

benefit digital transformation cobweb completesmb

Key to Digital Transformation

Cloud services will play a key role in your digital transformation strategy by helping employees become more agile and productive.

benefits continuous tech support cobweb completesmb

Continuous Tech Support

With Cobweb Complete you have 24*7 premium telephone and email support and always-on access to an online knowledge base, including how-to-videos and demonstrations.


Our Cobweb CompleteSMB Packages

Cobweb CompleteSMB Bronze

Cobweb CompleteSMB Silver

Cobweb CompleteSMB Gold

Cobweb CompleteSMB Platinum

Office 365 Exchange Online

Office 365 Business Essentials

Office 365 Business Premium

Office 365 E3

Exclaimer Signature Manage

Exclaimer Signature Manager

Exclaimer Signature Manager

Exclaimer Signature Manager

Mimecast S1 Security

Mimecast S1 Security

Mimecast S1 Security

Mimecast S1 Security






Symantec EndPoint Protection

Symantec EndPoint Protection

Symantec EndPoint Protection




Acronis 1TB Organisational Cloud
Data Backup
(Unlimited Devices)


Add Ons

Cobweb CompleteSMB interfaces with a wide range of add-ons that integrate with the rest of your managed services, further benefiting your organisation, enabling greater collaboration or improving productivity among team members.

If you have questions regarding any of the products below. please contact a member of the Cobweb UAE team.

wide range of cobweb completesmbmicrosoft office 364 cobweb completesmbpowerbi cobweb completesmb