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Modern Workplace

Airline Gadget Ban. No i...

Unless you have been residing under a large boulder over the last few weeks, you have probably seen or heard something about the great “Gadget Ban” of 2017. A security move initiated by the USA and UK that...
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Apps And Infrastructure

Cloud PBX replaces old sc...

If your organization is considering purchasing a new PBX system, or is planning to upgrade its existing PBX System, then consider the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud PBX system. Cloud PBX comes part of the Office 3...
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Modern Workplace

Modernizing IT for a Digi...

Today’s economy requires organizations to digitally transform every aspect of its business. This imposes a burden on IT systems which organizations must consider. A MODERN APPROACH TO IT SYSTEMS Most organiza...
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Modern Workplace

Ransomware on the rise

Last month I wrote about the importance of business continuity through data backup. The worst is not over yet. Here’s why: New threats are appearing on a daily basis, and attackers are continuously evolvi...
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Connect with customers

Build more profitable relationships through better intelligence and more engaging communications.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft uniquely delivers a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to business applications helping you unify data
and relationships, build intelligence into your decision making, and accelerate business transformation.

helping you unify data and relationships dynamics 365 business applications
complete consistent dynamics 365 business applications

Get a complete, consistent view of your customer

1/2 of all businesses say their success depends on their ability to be highly responsive to customer's specific needs.

1. WW, Techaisle 2015 Global SMB Technology Adoption Study

know your customers past present future dynamics 365 business applications

Know your customers past, present, and future

Everything you need to know about your customers is at your fingertips, including preferences, purchase history, and future opportunities in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

customer new insights dynamics 365 business applications

Easily tap more data for new insights

Get an even more complete view using Power BI to easily combine customer information with other data sources, including Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft SQL Server.

customer explore your data with natural language dynamics 365

Easily explore your data with natural language

Get the information you need fast with natural language using Q&A in Power BI. Just ask questions, and get answers.

customer share and discover insights and ideas dynamics 365 business applications

Share and discover insights and ideas

Connect with colleagues and stay in the know with Microsoft Office Delve, which offers a personalized view of current information and documents relevant to what you're working on.

opportunities dynamics 365 business applications

Find and capitalize on the best opportunities

67% of businesses worldwide say BI is a top 10 priority.

1. WW, Techaisle 2015 Global SMB Technology Adoption Study

opportunities easy track monitor prioritize dynamics 365

Easily track, monitor, and prioritize opportunities

Give your teams out-of-the-box interactive visualizations and dashboards that make it easy to quickly identify and act on opportunities with Power BI and Microsoft dynamics 365.

opportunities process and analyze dynamics 365 business applications

Process and analyze data in a few clicks

Use easy point-and-click tools in Power BI and Microsoft Excel to instantly convert data into charts or tables, enter information faster with auto-complete, and easily summarize, analyze, and present massive amounts of data.

opportunities dynamics 365 business applications

Boost your sales and service teams' productivity

62% of businesses worldwide say could collaboration solutions make it easy for geographically dispersed team members to work together

1. WW, Techaisle 2015 Global SMB Technology Adoption Study

productivity automate repetitive task dynamics 365 business applications

Automate repetitive tasks

Let sales reps spend less time tracking business processes and more time with customers using process automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

productivity streamline your business process dynamics 365 business applications

Streamline your business processes

Help your sales, marketing, and service roles do their best work with greater efficiency whenever they are using role-specific processes in Dynamics 365.

productivity work together anywhere dynamics 365 business applications

Work together anywhere

Stay connected to colleagues online, quickly get help from experts, and share customer information from anywhere in real-time with integrated tools like Microsoft Skype for Business and Yammer in Dynamics 365.

loyalty dynamics 365 business applications

Win customers and
build loyalty

63% of businesses worldwide are using cloud collaboration technologies to respond to customers faster.

1. WW, Techaisle 2015 Global SMB Technology Adoption Study

loyalty share and discover ideas dynamics 365 business applications

Share and discover insights and ideas

Keep track of your customers, set periodic reminders, and connect with a single click using familiar Microsoft Office tools integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

loyalty every phase of customer engagement dynamics 365

An app for every phase of customer engagement

Get a range of business apps from the Windows Store-including PayPal and DocuSign-all designed to work seamlessly across your Microsoft Windows 10 devices.