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Advertising workflow refined

Before the introduction of IMD Cloud in the Middle East region, television advertising delivery was a bit of a nightmare. Agencies were caught managing communications between all parties. Here’s why:

The Old Way (Historical TVC Delivery Process):

  • Multiple players communicating 1 to 1
  • No transparency on costs, centralised reporting or asset manageent
  • Inefficient and slow delivery via Dropbox, We Transfer, tapes and couriers

The New Way (IMD Cloud Digital Delivery):

So How Will Things Be Different with IMD?
  • Complete transparency on costing,
  • Single access window to place orders, and track deliveries,
  • Full access to an advertisers library for future use,
  • By using IMD Cloud to place orders, we achieve complete coordination from the outset with all parties (Advertiser, Creative, Post, Media and Broadcaster irrespective of where they are located)
  • 24 * 7 access to IMD Cloud to facilitate deliveries at any time
  • Quicker deliveries than the historical method.

One of the biggest advantages that IMD Cloud offers is automatic QC. This means all TVC’s go through a quality check process at the start of the process instead of at the end of the process. QC at the beginning of the process ensures the file is approved before it gets to the broadcaster this avoiding any chance of rejection at the broadcaster level. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons:

Your Commercials look better on Air

  • Replace Analogue Betacam tapes with broadcast digital files
  • Instant Quality Controls ensure all files meet broadcast specifications
  • IMD Cloud has the largest HD network globally

It’s Faster

  • Send direct to broadcasters 24/7
  • Adjustable workflow with the ability to approve the post houses work within 30 secs of a post house uploading the TVC.

It’s Easier

  • Media and Creative Agencies view and ‘track’ all deliveries online
  • No software to install. Works on all computers, tablets and mobiles

It’s Cost Effective

  • Cut processes, cut costs. No charge for quality assurance, Physical couriers, ID board creation, user accounts or support.

Try it. There is nothing to lose. http://www.groupimd.com

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About the Author

Altaf Alimohamed - Managing Director
Altaf is Managing Director of Media Solutions, a pioneer in blended Cloud based IT Solutions and Digital Marketing Services. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in Arabia and has held senior positions in Canada, Hong Kong, India, and the UAE. His passion resides among all things technology and digital.