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All organizations require a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy. This strategy determines how a business’s applications, workloads, and data stays running and remains available during planned and unplanned downtime. The strategy will also highlight how to recover everything to normal working conditions as soon as possible.


The most important aspect of your BCDR strategy is to ensure that your business data is safe and recoverable, and that all required workloads remain continuously available when a disaster occurs.

Azure Simplicity

Traditional backup solutions have evolved to treat the cloud as an endpoint similar to disks or tape. While this approach is simple, it is also limited. It does not take full advantage of an underlying cloud platform and translates to an inefficient, expensive solution. In contrast, Azure Backup delivers all the advantages of a powerful and affordable cloud backup solution. Below are some of the key benefits that Azure Backup provides.

Why Azure Site Recovery



Simplify your BCDR Strategy

Site Recovery makes it easy to handle replication, failover and recovery of multiple business workloads and applications from a single location. Site recovery orchestrates replication and failover but doesn't intercept your application data or have any information about your business.

Flexible Replication

Azure site recovery allows for replication of workloads running on Hyper-V virtual machines, VMware virtual machines, and Windows/Linux physical servers.

Easy Failover and Recovery

Perform recovery drills without affecting production environments. You can also run planned failovers with a zero-data loss for expected outages, or unplanned failovers with minimal data loss (depending on replication frequency) for unexpected disasters.

Eliminate Secondary Datacenter

You can replicate to a secondary on-premises site, or to Azure. Using Azure as a destination for disaster recovery eliminates the cost and complexity of maintaining a secondary site.

Integrate with existing BCDR Technologies

Site Recovery partners with other application BCDR features. For example you can use Site Recovery to protect the SQL Server backend of corporate workloads, including native support for SQL Server AlwaysOn to manage the failover of availability groups.

Safe and recoverable your business data with Azure today!