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Skype for Business


boost productivity and collaboration cloud pbx

Boost Productivity & Collaboration

work from anywhere on any device cloud pbx

Work from anywhere on any device

reduce complex it and support costs cloud pbx

Reduce complex IT & Support costs

all in one cloud pbx apps and infrastructure

All in One conferencing solution enhanced external communication

Adopting E5 Voice is Simple

In Order To

Use Skype for
Business Meetings.

Eliminate separate
PBX systems.

You Need

Online Meeting for
Collaboration. Large
Meeting Support.

Call control Features.
Ability to make and Receive
Phone Calls.

E5 Provides

Skype for Business
Office Meetings.
Skype Meeting Broadcast.

Cloud PBX.
PTSN Calling.

We empathize with businesses requiring to invest in traditional PBX and VoIP Systems as part of their IT infrastructure. we believe there is a better and more cost effective way to transform business communications. Today's work force needs to be functional from anywhere, on any device, and at any time, leading to a constantly evolving business requirement. Desk telephones are therefore a thing of the past, so let's eliminate that capex.

Media Solutions utilizes the Microsoft Office 365 E5 plan to replace traditional on premise PBX and VoIP Systems. We help organizations:

modern voice with cloud pbx apps and infrastructure
Modern Voice
with Cloud PBX

Eliminate separate PBX Systems:
Manage calls with Cloud PBX, whereby Staff can make, receive and
transfer calls from mobiles, tablets, and PC's from anywhere.

voicemail integration with cloud pbx apps and infrastructure
(Unified messaging)

Integrate voicemail with Cloud PBX:
Whereby voice messages are automatically recorded and accessible
via Outlook, Outlook Web App or Mobile devices.

online meetings cloud pbx apps and infrastructure

Host Online Meetings:
With audio, HD Video, and web conferencing over the internet at no extra cost

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